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UPDATE: ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Willie Robertson Creates Quandary For TV Reporters Covering President Obama’s State Of Union Address

UPDATE, 7:41 PM: Depending on who you ask, the most sought-after photo op during tonight’s State of the Union address wasn’t with that guy from the Oval Office. It was Duck Dynasty‘s Willie Robertson (and sometime his wife and co-star Korie) that led many lawmakers to bust out their smartphones to post a pic or grab some social media bragging rights. Here are just a couple of examples:


LisaColumn__131015210634-275x198PREVIOUS, 6:55 PM: The arrival of Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson at the House chamber where President Barack Obama is delivering his fifth State of the Union Address tonight caused something of a quandary for those journalists trying to cover the event.

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Over at CNN, Jake Tapper was positioned where the Washington glitterati enter the hall,  in order to stand and applaud –  or to not stand and applaud –  at various points during Obama’s speech. After noting some of the Supreme Court justices had willie-robertson-profilejust walked by him, and that, in the past, there’d been talk as to whether they should even attend the pep rally, Tapper threw to Dana Bash, up in the gallery. She told Tapper that what she was about to describe was “more surreal and bizarre” than even Supreme Court justices because “what I’m looking at now, Willie Robertson is one –”

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“I’m sorry to interrupt a discussion of Duck Dynasty,” Tapper broke in, convincing no one. He’d cut her off because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and VPOTUS Joe Biden were walking by him at that very moment and needed to be seen by viewers nationwide. “But, Dana, sorry, you were talking about one of the stars of Duck Dynasty,” Tapper concluded, like he meant it to sting. Read More »

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‘Duck Dynasty’ Plug During Tonight’s State Of The Union Address: Video

By | Tuesday January 28, 2014 @ 3:44pm PST

UPDATE, 3:44 PM: Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) caught up with Willie Robertson before tonight’s State of the Union Address and tweeted the photo below.

LisaColumnPREVIOUS, 8:14 AM: Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson is expected to join Louisiana Rep. Vance McAllister at tonight’s State of the Union Address. Robertson is CEO of  the willierobertsonRobertson family’s Duck Commander company — and the State of the Union Address has become one of a handful of Washington’s Celebrity Petting Zoos,  though it trails the White House Correspondents Dinner by many, many laps. Willie also is the son of family patriarch Phil Robertson, who landed in hot water after giving an interview to GQ in which he waxed headline-hoggingly about gays and blacks. A&E, you’ll recall, suspended him from the show for an indefinite period but unsuspended him pretty quickly in the wake of wrist-slap blow-back.

McAllister’s returning a favor the Robertson family did for him last November, when Republicans credited Duck Dynasty with a political upset in Louisiana that wound the political newbie in office, thumping both the Tea Party and the GOP establishment. Now it’s the Robertson family that needs help. Returning to A&E’s lineup after Phil’s fiery GQ interview, Duck Dynasty posted its first year-to-year declines, and, last week, Episode 2 of Season 5 continued the downward trend: The adventures of the Robertson clan drew 6.7 million total viewers, down an eye-opening 21% from the season opener. The 3.6 rating in the adults 25-54 demo was down a less-rough 14% from last week.

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News-Free ‘Duck Dynasty’ Interview Gooses FNC’s New Year’s Eve Program Ratings

By | Thursday January 2, 2014 @ 3:06pm PST

GRABS_MEDIA_RELATION_NYE_9Fox News Channel’s New Year’s Eve interview with Duck Dynasty royalty Willie and Kori Robertson might not have contained much actual news – okay, it contained no news, unless you count — Spoiler Alert – Willie revealing he’s hired himself a good looking assistant for the upcoming batch of episodes, and that he hopes not to blow out his knee while skiing in Steamboat Springs, Colo. – but it did deliver ratings.

In the final hour of 2013, FNC clocked 2 griffincoopermillion viewers – 33% more than it logged same hour last year. FNC notes that’s the hour in which Willie and Kori chatted, via satellite, with Bill Hemmer and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Over at CNN, meanwhile, an average of 1.726 million viewers were tuned in to Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. On the bright side for CNN, 742,000 of that crowd fell into the news demo, while only 401,000 of FNC’s 2 mil did same.

And, CNN won the 11 PM -12:30 AM derby, with 2.095 million viewers, to FNC’s 2.028 million — though FNC’s was a best yet for that network. CNN’s demo take more than doubled FNC’s.

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‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Launches Gun Line, But No Fireworks, In Advance Of Return To A&E

LisaColumn__131015210634-275x198Days after A&E announced it had decided to end Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson’s involuntary hiatus over remarks he made in a GQ interview – and just days before the hit reality series’ return to A&E’s lineup — the Robertson family and a popular gun manufacturer unveiled a new Duck Commander line of shotguns, semi-automatic rifles, semi-automatic pistols, etc.

Willie Robertson, CEOarticle-duckdynastyaddon2-1231 of the family’s Duck Commander, made no reference to the imminent announcement on New Year’s Eve, when he and wife Kori appeared on FNC’s ball-dropping late-night special. The press had hoped for something zippier out of that appearance than the “there will be fun good comedy from the family” and “we’re just glad to be back to work… and A&E and us are fine” script to which Willie stuck like glue no matter how many different ways FNC’s Bill Hemmer and Elisabeth Hasselbeck tried to gin up some headlines with questions about the family’s battle with A&E over Phil’s interview. Kori contributed, “We’re all happy, happy, happy. … The best thing about this show is we get to do it as a family.” The only shred of news Hemmer and Hasselbeck managed to pry out of Willie was the “spoiler” that he hires a “good looking assistant for me…and that will be revealed on the show this year.” Asked how father Phil was celebrating the New Year, and his victory over A&E, Willie said, “I reckon he’s asleep” because it’s duck hunting season and he has to get up early. Read More »

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